What Makes Counting My MACROS So Special?


In today’s society, we typically do not have a struggle to lose “weight”.  Our main struggle is keeping that unwanted “weight” off – more specifically FAT!  There are so many widespread fad “diets” that help us lose weight but there are NO “diets” that teach us to maintain a sustainable lifestyle through the foods we choose to fuel our bodies.  Well, except FLEXIBLE DIETING (FD for short)!  This is not something new on the market; it is simply an approach to understanding how to fuel our bodies correctly with an appropriate intake of fats, carbohydrates, and protein (plus good ole fiber)!  Per Dr. Layne Norton, he describes the current “diet fads” as failures, quote: “The amount of times you try to lose weight in your life is directly proportional to the amount of fat you gain in your life.  If you can’t see yourself doing the diet you’re doing now in 18 months, you’re going to fail.”  I have personally worked indirectly with one of Dr. Norton’s clients, Krissy Mae Cagney, who has coached Kristin Pope, elite weightlifter, though the FD process.  I’ve experienced first hand the unforeseen changes in my body and truly believe 100% that a FD approach WILL provide you with a sustainable lifestyle when it comes to food choices and not leaving certain foods “off limits”.  It’s not all about donuts and rainbows – it’s about understanding and learning the process of change for the good and it all goes back to the basics – “calories in, calories out”…and by calories I mean MACROS.

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