I’m Confused – What Really is Flexible Dieting All About?!

The more information and research I learn about flexible dieting (FD), the more I realize that it’s a lifestyle that keeps you ACCOUNTABLE!  There is no true prescription or protocol to follow that tells you what specific foods to eat – that would be a big no no in the eyes of the true FD coach simply because it does not provide the client the ability to stay “flexible”.  Some may say “I’m a clean eater” or “I eat Whole 30” or whatever type of “diet” they are on, but FD provides one with the approach of NO FOODS OFF LIMITS!  Think about it…ever find yourself keeping certain foods off limits (oh yeah…that ice-cream)?  And then once you’re through with that “diet” – you tend to crave those certain foods you’ve been putting off?  Yeah…that’s what I thought.  A strict approach like that with most diets out there essentially sets you up for FAILURE in the long run, thus creating unhealthy eating or even worse…BINGE EATING – which then creates a bad relationship with food.  Sure these other diets help for short-term results – but…FD is a long-term approach to help create overall long-term success.  Wouldn’t you rather have that?

I now truly believe there is no such thing as “clean eating” – that’s a bunch of poo poo (we could all “eat clean” if we wanted to).  In turn, “clean eating” ultimately creates bad relationships with food and then most likely turns into binges.  I wouldn’t want that – NO WAY!  With FD, we make ourselves accountable to the process and hold ourselves to certain standards, always keeping our long-term goal in the clear.  Ask yourself – “Can I see myself doing this a year from now?”  If your answer is yes, then FD may be a better approach for you!  Flexible dieting can help you become a better version of yourself – it is a system that will take some time and upfront commitment in order to make it a priority in your life to take control of your nutrition.  It teaches you how to truly be FLEXIBLE because if something pops up, such as an unscheduled lunch meeting at a fast food restaurant, then you will have the understanding of what a serving of fats, carbs, and protein looks like “on the go”.

Flexible Dieting Concept
Flexible Dieting Concept

You DON’T have to make yourself suffer from not eating certain foods (i.e Poptarts lol).  You can certainly shed fat appropriately through an understanding of fueling your body correctly – this is where FD steps in and teaches you that process.  With FD, we learn what the macronutritients are – fat, carbohydrate, and protein – and understand how to fuel our bodies with the appropriate macro intake (nothing more – nothing less).  There are no “rules” to eating certain foods but I’m not saying to eat all those Poptarts all day – just be MINDFUL in choosing the healthier/better foods (i.e. chicken, salads, rice, fruit, etc.).  If you want to treat yourself here and there, then you must make yourself accountable to “fitting” that treat into your macros.  As the flexible dieters say, “if it fits your macros, then eat it”!  That’s the beauty of the FD process – it sets you up for success and creates a no-foods off limits approach – thus decreasing binges!

I hope this post puts a spark to your intuition to learn about the FD process and start your journey on this road to accountability and long-term success.  Here are a few articles I have found from reputable sources about the FD topic – check them out:

Flexible Dieting Myths

IIFYM & FD Debunked

Clean Eating?? I Think NOT!!

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