Dr. Bullock’s FD Journey

I wanted to share my FD journey from this past summer with my coach, Kristin Pope, and how my aesthetics and time in the gym made a true difference in my long-term goals.  Here it goes!

Port City CrossFit

One of my athletes and friend, Jackie H., was competing in a weightlifting competition at Port City CrossFit located in Wilmington, NC.  I remember Jackie saying that her nutrition coach was competing there and that I should look into her coaching me for FD.  Once that weekend rolled around, I got to witness this tiny, strong and powerful woman snatch and clean & jerk almost twice her body weight; WOW – I knew that this woman had control of her lifestyle!  Kristin Pope – covered in tattoos on her arms with a bow in her purple hair while eating donuts on the bench between her lifts.  Picture her now…  She was very fit, lean, muscular, and very strong for her frame – not to mention about 5-6 inches shorter than myself (I’m 5’7″).  I introduced myself and told her immediately how impressed I was with her performance and knew that I wanted to be a part of her nutrition team to learn more about the FD process!  It all went uphill from there!

Coach Pope

I spent about 14 weeks with coach Pope – she was a very supportive and positive coach in which she provided me with great feedback on the FD process answering my questions thoroughly.  About half way through my FD, it dawned on me that my aesthetics were truly changing and my performance in the gym was too!  Week 5 – WOW – I couldn’t believe how much my body changed until coach Pope pointed it out to me!  You know, it’s nice to have someone coach you and point out the little things…whether it’s the mirror, weight, or providing feedback to stay on track.  The process became a bit challenging as my overall caloric intake began to drop since my main goal was to lose fat properly while still maintaining my foundational strength.  I found that planning ahead was what truly kept me in line and held myself accountable to the process.

Initial Week
Initial Week
Week 5



Week 5

















This FD process wasn’t so hard after all!  Yes – there were times where I was hungry but I always kept in mind my long-term goals:  obtaining that muscle up by the end of 2015 and rehabbing my injured leg throughout this time period.  This was PERFECT TIMING for me to go through my FD; #1 in order to perform a muscle up one must shed some body fat to be able to maneuver themselves on gymnastics rings; and #2 I knew that I needed long-term success and understand this process of FD for future purposes of becoming a coach for others.  I would pre-plan my meals (#mealprepsunday) and save some room for treats at bedtime – I loved (and still love) late night snacking on some ice cream, cereal, or pop tarts 🙂 !  I realized that putting in the time upfront helped me succeed in my goals – by the end of the 14 weeks I lost about 10# of fat while maintaining my general fitness and strength baselines!

To sum it up, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A GOAL IN MIND – AND STICK TO IT…no and’s, if’s, or but’s!  I truly believe that the FD approach can be meant for anyone willing to get their hands dirty at the beginning and developing a solid foundation of knowledge of fueling their bodies appropriately.  It only makes sense to track what you are eating – because if you don’t know what you put in your body then you most likely won’t have successful outcomes!  You MUST hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE to a certain STANDARD – not only to your nutrition but to other things in life as well.  You have to be FLEXIBLE and willing to seek ALTERNATIVE ROUTES/APPROACHES through the process.  After completing my FD with coach Pope, I knew that I wanted to help individuals strive for a healthier lifestyle!  I never thought that I would turn into a nutrition coach and make this a business that I enjoy helping others become better versions of themselves!  My bottom line advice – SEEK, COMMIT, TRUST, ACCOUNT, and most of all ENJOY THE PROCESS in whatever your work may be!

Final Week
Final Week








My 1st strict muscle up 12.22.15
My 1st strict muscle up 12.22.15

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