I’m Done with my Flexible Diet – Now What?!

So…you’ve worked so hard to achieve your goals; you’ve put in the time, commitment, meal prepping, training, and endless hours tracking your macronutrient intake – now what?!  Well, let me just say that this is WHERE YOU WANT TO BE – the next step in the process of taking control of your nutrition is moving onto the next phase –> reverse dieting (RD)!  This is the BEST position you want to put yourself in because this is the time where you SLOWLY (and I am VERY SLOWLY) increase your macro intake weekly or biweekly while minimizing fat regain (which was all the blood, sweat, and tears you just put into during your FD process).¹  Here’s some insight on what RD is and why one should go through it.

What is RD?

Reverse dieting is a “post-diet plan” in which one slowly increases his or her overall caloric intake back up to his or her maintenance baseline – or “then some”.  Reverse dieting is NOT an intention to LOSE BODY FAT – that’s what FD is for.  Reverse dieting is a concept in which one’s metabolic rate is to slowly return to baseline, while minimizing significant fat regain.  Per Dr. Layne Norton, “there is currently no research regarding the revere dieting topic itself – only what we have observed with clients”.²

Why should I do it?

This plan is NOT a quick fix – it is intended to help “heal” the damaged metabolism, get you out of a caloric deficit, and be able to consume a realist amount of carbohydrates/fats every day without “blowing up” [per say].  You should do RD to help keep your sanity and to help learn how your body responds to slow increments of increased caloric intake while minimizing fat regain.  Then, once the RD period is successfully completed, another bout of FD (or another “diet” protocol tailored to your needs) will be increasingly successful then the FD prior – EVEN ON A HIGHER CALORIC INTAKE! 🙂

Who is is for?

Anyone!  Sometimes this approach is ideal for those who are at a standstill or plateau with their current diet protocol – it’s been increasingly suggested for those who have been yo-yo dieting for long periods of times without much success.² ³

How long does it last?

The reverse diet period can last as long as you want it to!  Some experts say that it typically lasts as long as your FD period was – for example, if you were on a FD protocol for four (4) months, then the RD period should be four (4) months long.  Having a coach to hold you accountable will help you succeed even more!² ³

My ending thoughts & experience with RD:

After completing my FD period with my coach, I decided to tackle my RD protocol solo!  I began to increase my fats + carbs somewhere between 5-15% biweekly.  Now, this also depended on how I felt, how I looked (to an extent), and how the scale slowly increased [while minimizing fat re-gain].  My overall net fat loss was 6# over a 24 week period (FD + RD), in which I stayed consistent with my long-term goals in mind!

Facts regarding my FD + RD periods:

Starting weight at beginning of FD = 152.6# / Ending weight after completing FD = 145.4#

Starting weight at beginning of RD = 145.4# / Ending weight after completing RD = 146.6#


Now, I am currently starting my second FD protocol with a starting weight of 147.8# (as of 2-29-16).  Just on a side note – after completing my RD period, I decided to NOT track my macronutrient intake for about three (3) months, as I just wanted to be a bit normal but still be mindful with my nutritional intake.  This approach takes practice, understanding, commitment, discipline, and accountability – of which I am all still learning.  I hope sharing my experience and thoughts about this topic helps you gain the knowledge on how important it is to create self-accountability while maintaining your long-term goals at hand.  I will be posting more information regarding the RD topic in the near future – so be on the lookout!  Keep your goals in line and good things will come – trust the process!  Happy macro counting! #teambullseyenutrition

Left column: Post FD Right column: Post RD
Left column: Post FD        Right column: Post RD


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