What do I do for my Flexible Diet While on Vacation?

VACATION!  VACATION! VACATION!  This is one of my favorite times of the year!  Although I don’t count my macros all the time 24-7/365, I still manage to develop a sense of “feel” while I’m on vacation eating fantastic, yummy food!  Can flexible dieting still work while on vacation you ask?!  MOST DEFINITELY!  Here’s how I attacked my recent vacation while “loosely tracking” my macros during my second bout of flexible dieting…

First –  I already decided that I was not going to use the MyFitness Pal application to track my foods – it would be too much for me to keep up with.  However, some of you may still need to do this, especially if it will HELP you stay accountable to your long-term goals and keep you on track consistently.

I made a trip to Charleston, SC with my best friends from middle school and had the best time ever!  I knew this was going to be a challenge for me to “loosely track” my macros, as I was (and currently am) still in my second bout of flexible dieting.  One thing that I highly recommend is to pack several protein sources; this can range from single-serve protein packets to awesome Quest Protein bars!  Another recommendation I pursued was still working out while on vacation – yeah, I may have gotten up earlier than expected but it feels weird when I don’t work out somewhere between 4-5x/week (of which my current schedule while not on vacation is 5x/week) – I managed to workout 3x during vacation (plus we did a lot of walking…so that helped).  I did some research from local CrossFit boxes where I was staying and came across a cool box, CrossFit Wappoo, – check them out if you’re ever on James Island!

I STILL planned ahead each day – I knew this vacation was going to consist of amazing southern food as well as alcohol intake.  So I would wake up in the morning, drink some coffee with some flavored creamer or eat a Quest Bar and head to CrossFit Wappoo (kind of like an intermittent fasting approach).  Then upon returning from my workout, I would drink my protein shake and/or eat some carbs – my carbs would either be some biscuits left over from Callie’s Biscuits or my friends and I would head downtown Charleston and eat a brunch-like meal.  As the day progressed, we explored Charleston by foot and I would drink as much water as possible, knowing that alcohol consumption was going to take place towards the evening times.  Did I get ALL of my H2O intake – probably not but I sure came pretty damn close while listening to how my body responded.  By night time, we would head out to dinner, eating either fresh seafood or amazing southern BBQ!

File_000 (33)
Seared scallops over rice bed + sautéed mushrooms from Stereo 8
Callie’s Biscuits
Southern BBQ from Home Team
File_003 (2)
Fried chicken with bacon jam + sweet potato fries from BoxCar Betty’s
Guinness (definitely a fan now!)

Being in a situation like this before was very difficult for me – I’ve always been that skinny-fat person but very athletic at the same time, however, without the knowledge I currently have now.  This second vacation has proved to myself that I am able to understand HOW my body responds to flexible dieting and HOW important it was to plan my days.  By pre-planning my days, it was easier for me to eat two (2) big meals throughout the day and in between meals eat some source of protein; also, drinking as much water as possible to help with the consumption of alcohol.  Doing this approach has taught me to truly stay flexible while enjoying my social life with my friends AND enjoying vacation – putting NOTHING off limits!

In all, it’s all about enjoying yourself while still being mindful and keeping your goals in the clear!  Check out my photos below – I actually lost about 1# while on vacation AND while enjoying awesome food/drinks!  So to answer your question, YES – YOU CAN STILL MAKE ROOM FOR TASTY FOOD WHILE ON YOUR FLEXIBLE DIET WHEN ON VACATION!

Here’s some recommendations that may help you when on vacation:

  • Pack extra protein sources (i.e. protein powder, Quest Bars, etc.)
  • Exercise while enjoying everyone’s presence
  • Try out new foods (I had fried chicken, pig ears, pulled bbq pork, variety of beers….)
  • Enjoy yourself and remember you can always get back on the train again
  • Don’t put people or food off limits
  • If you still need to track your foods, do so as much as you can to hold yourself accountable

Hope this helps with your understanding of the flexible dieting approach!  Remember to enjoy the process and put nothing off limits!  #teambullseyenutrition

Week 4 3-27-16 (2)
Before vacation
Week 6 4-10-16 (1)
After vacation
File_002 (4)
CrossFit Wappoo

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