How do I Wean Myself off of my Flexible Diet to Feel “Normal” again?!

I want to be NORMAL again but I don’t know how to do it!?  Well, this is the BEST spot you want to be in when you’re going through a phase transition from flexible dieting (FD) to reverse dieting (RD)!  Sometimes it remains difficult to keep constantly tracking your macros day in and day out; however, we must still hold ourselves accountable to the process and still commit to our long-term goals!  This phase transition is only the half-way point for some or even the first quarter for others – this is OK!  Finding that balance of proper nutritional intake is KEY, especially if we can see ourselves down the road a year later still looking and feeling great in all aspects of our nutrition journey.  So how do I transition from FD to feel normal again?!

Here’s some recommendations I would follow to help move you forward towards your long-term goals:

First, I would continue to work with your coach (this is where BullsEye Nutrition steps in).  Then once a baseline is obtained of your macronutrient intake levels, you should continue to track your prescribed macros daily (MyFitness Pal works great).

Second, once you check in with your coach (or Coach Amy), he or she may adjust your macronutrient intake levels based off of physical changes, emotional changes, and/or body weight changes.  Remember – when starting/going through a RD period YOU WILL GAIN BODY WEIGHT!  This is NORMAL!  The goal of RD is to slowly increase overall caloric intake levels to get you back up to a proper maintenance level [and then some] WHILE MINIMIZING SIGNIFICANT FAT RE-GAIN!

Third, after a couple weeks (or months) with your nutrition coach guiding you through your RD phase – you should begin to NOT track fibrous foods, such as vegetables, on a daily basis.  Then you may progress this each consecutive week (or biweekly) by NOT tracking one meal, such as breakfast then progressing to snacks and then finally dinner/lunch.

NOTE:  This may be when you’re not with your coach after you + your coach feel that you’ve made it to a proper maintenance level [and then some].

Fourth, once the end of your RD period is closely reached, keep taking progress photos each week; then progress to every other week!  Also, continue to weigh yourself daily or every other day until you come to the point where you DON’T weigh yourself for a bit.  This helps you stay focused on seeing changes physically.  You won’t believe how much progress you will have made between a one-year span (see my photos below – exactly one year apart from when I started my FD/RD journey)!

FD 1 year progress 5-25-15 to 5-25-16
1-Year Progress Photos /  Top Row: May 25, 2015 / Bottom Row: May 25, 2016

Fifth, after decreasing your tracking of meals one by one each week or biweekly, you may start to feel a bit of normalcy and the sensation that you can FEEL how your body responds to food intake – for example, knowing when you need more carbohydrate intake after a killer workout!

Finally, my last recommendation is to NOT put friends, family, or yourself off limits throughout this whole period!  Continue to enjoy the presence of others, favorite foods (in moderation), attend cooking classes, go on vacations, or whatever your work may be!  Once you feel NORMAL again, per say, you will most likely develop a sense of going through another period of FD with your coach again – this is where BullsEye Nutrition steps back into the picture!  Remember – keep your long-term goals in the clear, enjoy the process, and continue to learn how to properly fuel your body without restrictions!  #teambullseyenutrition

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