Spend Less Time in the Kitchen – My Top 8 Recipe Bloggers!

I always strive to spend an hour to hour and a half in the kitchen prepping one day a week (#mealprepsunday)!  As busy as our schedules are each day, it is still critical to spend time in the kitchen to prep your food for the week!  Here’s my top eight (8) go-to recipe websites/foodie bloggers I interchange each week (in no particular order)….ENJOY!

PaleOMG – Juli is my homegirl!  She is my go-to blogger and her recipes will NEVER let you down.  Spend some time experimenting with her recipes – I highly advise following her on social media and subscribe to her mailing list!

Fit Foodie Finds – Lee has been a newbie I’ve been following since this past year!  Her meals are super easy and fun to make!  She resembles Julie (from PaleOMG) and has yummy photos of her recipes that are to die for!  Definitely check her out on social media too!

Elana’s Pantry – Love Elana and her EASY to make meals!  I think this is the most reliable, quick, and easy Paleo recipes to replicate in my books!  Most of her recipes are less than 10 ingredients; however, it is a MUST to follow her instructions step-by-step….she means it!  I’m still experimenting with some previous recipes I have made of hers.  Give her recipes a shot and let me know what you think!

Ambitious Kitchen – Monique has been a new following of mine this past year!  Her recipes are easy to make and can be very versatile – one of my favorites is her Kale & Brussels Sprout Salad with Cranberries + Toasted Almonds…let’s just say this dish is amazeballs – it is a MUST to make, especially for summer time just around the corner!

Just A Taste – Kelly has been my newest and favorite recipe blogger in over the past 4 months!  I just LOVE her postings on Instagram and I feel that all of her recipes are super super easy to make!  She keeps things simple and colorful!  She is a MUST to follow on social media as well!  Be sure to place your check mark by all of her recipes – hands down!

Skinny Taste – I literally just started following Gina this past March!  I have tried about two of her recipes thus far and I was pretty impressed!  I plan on making more of hers in the near future and telling you more about how they are!  Give Gina a shot and see what you think!

Damn Delicious – I guess Chungah calls her recipes and website this for a reason!  AMAZEBALLS!  She has been one of my newest recipe bloggers I’ve been following since March as well.  Chungah will NOT disappoint!  Please be sure to make some of her amazing dishes!

Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind – I’m all about those sweets bout those sweets bout those sweets, no trouble!  Vanessa is a newbie for me whom I’ve been following this past year as well!  I haven’t tried any of her recipes yet but plan on trying them out soon!  Those desserts and sweets photos look mouth-watering!  Let me know what ya’ll think about her stuff!

Be sure to spend some time shopping the Internet for new recipe bloggers and figuring out who you like the most!  Be sure to put your favorite dishes on the BullsEye Nutrition Facebook page to share with everyone!  I love seeing the way each of you cook and any cool recommendations on snacks you’ve developed yourself!  Happy eating and remember to trust the process in whatever your work may be! #teambullseyenutrition


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