Why BullsEye Nutrition?

BullsEye Nutrition, LLC was established from a standpoint of helping others succeed in his or her nutrition endeavors and lifestyle habits, thus creating long-term success.  As a previous athlete with knowledge of basic nutrition, Coach Amy discovered a passion to help and educate those on learning the process of fueling their bodies correctly via flexible dieting.  The more research that was studied, the more eager Coach Amy wanted to reach out to the general public – whether it’s the soccer mom or the elite athlete.  With a background in physical therapy/athletic training and emphasis in fitness/nutrition, Coach Amy spends her time getting to know each client on a personal level, thus always providing constructive criticism and positive feedback.

BullsEye Nutrition, LLC is designed to provide others with the sensation of comfort, trust, and accountability while maintaining confidentiality with each client.  You will learn how your body responds and see the changes to make this into a LIFESTYLE; You will learn to be patient – it takes time and commitment up front but it WILL be WORTH it in the end…TRUST ME; and you will understand the meaning of the “flexible dieting” approach – meaning “if it fits within your prescribed macros” then by all means eat it! 🙂 (that’s the FUN part – NO FOODS OFF LIMITS).  Here at BullsEye Nutrition, LLC, you will NEVER leave unsatisfied!  So love to enjoy the process and long-term commitment to your personal health in whatever your work may be!


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